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Gifts of Good Taste

Individually-designed gift baskets are a specialty all year long at Gourmet Again.

Our extensive variety of holiday and seasonal gifts are perfect for corporate as well as personal giving.

For meticulous attention to your order and for information regarding additional gift ideas, call Ina or Toby today at 410-484-9393! 

Aged to Perfection…And Greatly Appreciated 
A selection of the finest Colorado beef with Peter Luger Steak Sauce,  
beautifully garnished on wicker trays.  Always fresh, never frozen. 

Six 10 oz. Filet Mignon, or Six 14 oz. New York Strip, or Mix & Match 
Package of Six Steaks $89.00
Additional Steaks $12.00

French Connection
A Unique Taste in the French Tradition. Oo La La! 

Nicoise Olives, Dijon Mustard, Conserves, French Sparkling Lemonade, Escargots, Dominique’s Onion Soup, & French Roast Coffee.

Share the Wealth
By far our most popular gift!   
There’s something to please everyone in the workplace. 

A basket full of goodies!  Chips, Salsa, Cookies, Assorted Nuts, Pretzels, 
Popcorn, Candy, & Sparkling Cider. Easily serves 8 to 10 people.

Breakfast Around the World
A delicious combination of Swedish Pancake Mix, Vermont Maple Syrup, Irish Oatmeal, French Preserves, Dutch Cocoa, and English Breakfast Blend Tea.

Italian Lovers Only. That’s Amore! 
Homemade Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pasta Sauce, Risotto, Grissini Bread Sticks, Torrone Candy, & Holiday Biscotti.

All Fruit – Just Fruit – Nothing But Fruit 
18 pieces of hand-selected fresh seasonal fruit attractively gift wrapped in a wicker basket with cellophane.

Happy Hour
Packed with party starters and beautifully presented. “Instant hors d’oeuvres” for 6 to 8 of your nearest and dearest. 

Feta & Pink Peppercorn Bread Spread & Dip, Tomato Bruschetta, Sable & Rosenfeld’s Tiny Tipsy Olives bathed in French Vermouth, Tillen Farms Crispy Pickled Carrots, & Olive Oil Crostini Crackers.

Cheese, Crackers & More
A beautifully packaged selection of three perfectly-ripened cheeses, dipping mustard, cracker assortment, & seedless red grapes.

My Home Town. A Baltimore’s Best selection of locally-produced specialty foods. 
Naron’s Candy, Berger’s Cookies, Otterbein’s Cookies, Toto’s Salsa, Rick’s BBQ Sauce, Baugher’s Apple Butter, and of course, Old Bay Seasoning. Truly Baltimore’s Best Selections 

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